New LBC Logo: From King to Mover

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reader Nicolo Cervantes has spotted a likely LBC rebrand coming from Tangible Singapore. This is the same company that rebranded Insular Life and UCPB.

The new logo softens the sharp corners of the old one with curved type inside a ‘guitar pick’ or shield-like container. The iconic LBC red was retained but much of the original brand is now gone including the tagalog tagline “Hari ng Padala” which was changed to “We like to move it” (no, hopefully not this one)

The rebrand aims to become more customer focused by integrating its different businesses under one LBC brand (with the exception of LBC Money Express and Business Solutions)

Both verbal & visual identities were completely overhauled to reflect the new service centric brand promise of ‘ A friend who makes your day’. The smiling global logo has 3 sides to remind staff of their 3Cs (Brand Attributes & Services Principles) & the logotype of LBC remained iconic & red while a new tagline of ‘we like to move it’ reset the tone.

A major overhaul of the company’s website, logistic vehicles and parcel packagings are also on the way. I like the pipe/tubes graphic application on the vehicle wraps but feel that the one-color application of the same on parcel boxes looks a little bit busy for my taste.

You can read the complete brand rationale on Tangible’s website: LBC Philippines - Tangible Singapore.

What do you think of this LBC rebranding? Hit on the comments.

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