PLDT and Smart New Logo: Delta and this is no beta.

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Smart just introduced their newest logo change since 2011 which I also wrote about back then. This new one removes the iconic blue logo that has stuck since the last rebrand and makes green its primary color.

Its three sides represent the three things we value most: our Customers, our People, and our Technology. 

Smart website’s brief explanation on the new logo emblem

This logo simply represents our journey to create a better tomorrow for the Filipino consumer. – vague explanation over at Smart’s website

I’m not really sure how this looks because while I didn’t really liked the new ‘old’ one back in the day, it has since grown on me as a modern-looking logo that seemed flexible enough to stand a couple of years and various creative applications.

Instant reaction to this was. Okay, Globe is Blue, now Smart chose to be Green. Niicee or not? I really liked the blue color of the old one. I feel like the green they used here just has no modern vibe to it and just plainly looks like a menthol candy brand - even changing the color doesn’t help the inverted Vick’s-shaped logomark.


It also seems that this isn’t just a simple brand change for Smart Communications. It appears to be a family-wide brand overhaul which also includes the changing of the ‘iconic’ PLDT logo into this:


aaand my instant reactions is:



I can’t even unsee the uneven thickness of the letter D in PLDT

They even had their building’s facade emblazoned with the new logo on launch.

Upon checking out PLDT’s news page, they have provided a more thorough explanation on these new brand changes.

The new logo symbolizes the powerful convergence of PLDT and Smart, combining fixed and wireless technologies to serve individual and enterprise customers.

The new PLDT and Smart logo is shaped like a triangle with the three sides representing the Company's business pillars - exceptional people, meaningful innovations, and our valuable customers.

The triangle is also the symbol for Delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, which stands for “Change”.

"Taken together, these three pillars create tremendous energy that will enable our customers to achieve their limitless potential. The triangle’s three sides support each other. Thus, an inherent strength flows harmoniously among the sides to sustain the structure," Pangilinan said.

The new logo replaces the iconic 33-year old PLDT logo which was formed through a repetition of the abstract figure of the telephone receiver to complete four sides. Smart has also changed its logo.

- PLDT on its new logos

What do you guys think about this change? Any thoughts and opinions, you know what to do! share it below!

Redesign Manila by Go Motion Productions

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Redesign Manila

If you don’t like what you see, how can you make it a thing of beauty? If you can’t stand seeing the intolerable, how can you make it admirable?We believe Manila can look, feel and live better. We deserve it. Manila deserves it.#RedesignManila is a Go Motion Productions creative initiative that aims to showcase and invite Filipinos to re-imagine and revive beautiful Manila. This musical-narrative is in collaboration with Hotdog’s Dennis Garcia and Rene Garcia — geniuses of Manila’s very own beautiful sound.What’s your #RedesignManila?Video Credits:Art Directors : Paolo Joaquin, Pam Queri, Tyron Gonzales, Meg BagadionPost Creatives : Neil Mendoza, Jeremiah Garcia, Jay-Ar Villarojas, Gem Llave, Adre EstebanDOP : Anton AngelesDrone Operator : Gabo PagcaliwaganExecutive Producer : Cat SyProduction Manager : Mariea Ellaine SantosTraffic Supervisor : Maj Delos SantosProduction Assistants : Jai Payas, Gio GordevillaOn-Cam Talents : Meg Bagadion, Majo Calubay, Paolo Joaquin, Gem Llave, Tyron Gonzales, Mariea Ellaine SantosSoundtrack : “Uuwi” by Hotdog (Dennis Garcia, Rene Garcia)Creative Director, Copywriter : Ringo MendozaConcept : Paolo JoaquinDirector : Paolo Joaquin

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UX Philippines Design Conference 2014

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UXPH 2014 is happening on November 15, 2014 at 9:00AM to 4:30PM and held at De La Salle University in Taft. Speakers include Whitney Hess, Patti Hunt, Kristin Low, Pamela Cajilig, Jourdan Sebastian and Justin Capen.

General admission tickets at priced at 6,000 pesos. Check out for more information.

Type Kita Typography Exhibit

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TypeKita Typography Exhibit will happen on October 18 and 19 (11am to 7pm) at 10a Alabama. There is a 50 peso entrance fee. Follow their Facebook page for the activity list and schedules.

ClassAct: Active School

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A Kickstarter project from ClassAct is raising $30,000 for pledges to fund a low-cost school construction and design project. The organizations plans to rebuild the St. Vincent Institute in the town of Maribojoc, Bohol after the the school was among those destroyed by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) last year.

The money we raise through Kickstarter will go towards the construction of one of the three classrooms at Maribojoc, Bohol. We've raised enough to build the first; our target of $30,000 will go to the second; and $50,000 will allow us to build a third.


The design of the school draws inspiration from the traditional Filipino “verandah” open living spaces. The structures and materials are well-thought of and use modern engineering and local materials such as

Beyond Maribojoc, ClassAct hopes to bring its transformative social model to the rest of the Haiyan-affected areas of the Visayas (Tacloban, Samar, Leyte, and Cebu) in need of new facilities. Funding is already secured for a second set of classrooms for the municipal of Loon, Bohol.

Noted: New Disney Channel Logo

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The Disney Channel is changing its global logo to the one being used by Disney Germany.

We are in the middle of a Disney project right now and was notified about an impending rebrand, a simple Google search yielded the result and to confirm the global rebrand, I was just sent this final logo.

The rebrand is done by BDA Creative Munich. Description from their website notes:

After a pitch won in Summer 2013, BDA Creative Munich is happy to work as lead agency on the global rebranding of the famous Disney Channel.

Old renders had the standard letter I on the word Disney but subsequent changes and seemingly the final logo will include and bring back the famous Mickey Mouse ears. You can still see the old logo used in this promo video.

Check out this Youtube link to see the recent TV idents in action.

Seeing from the video identities, the new logo may not have a specific color scheme. It will be a flexible logo and will adapt to specific shows and existing brands which is quite similar to the applications of the old version.

I like it and prefer it over the older boxy logo. Laying it out together with Disney Junior and Disney XD now looks more consistent without sacrificing a smaller footprint for the ‘mother’ channel which is Disney Channel.