Noted: New Disney Channel Logo

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The Disney Channel is changing its global logo to the one being used by Disney Germany.

We are in the middle of a Disney project right now and was notified about an impending rebrand, a simple Google search yielded the result and to confirm the global rebrand, I was just sent this final logo.

The rebrand is done by BDA Creative Munich. Description from their website notes:

After a pitch won in Summer 2013, BDA Creative Munich is happy to work as lead agency on the global rebranding of the famous Disney Channel.

Old renders had the standard letter I on the word Disney but subsequent changes and seemingly the final logo will include and bring back the famous Mickey Mouse ears. You can still see the old logo used in this promo video.

Check out this Youtube link to see the recent TV idents in action.

Seeing from the video identities, the new logo may not have a specific color scheme. It will be a flexible logo and will adapt to specific shows and existing brands which is quite similar to the applications of the old version.

I like it and prefer it over the older boxy logo. Laying it out together with Disney Junior and Disney XD now looks more consistent without sacrificing a smaller footprint for the ‘mother’ channel which is Disney Channel.

A' Design Award & Competition - Call for Entries

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book and trophy

Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A' Design Award. Entries are accepted annually till February 28th and results are announced every year on April 15. Designers worldwide are called to take part in the accolades by entering their best works, projects and products. Entries are accepted as long as they were designed in the last 10 years. -

Read the complete Press Release

ABS-CBN New Logo: Kapamilya Semi Sans

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The last time ABS-CBN changed its logo was on the year 2000. It was the biggest change since the old boxed logo where ABS was on top and CBN was at the bottom.

This 2014, ABS-CBN has launched a slightly tweaked version of its iconic logo. The 3 rings, symbolizing TV’s RGB colors and the country’s LuzViMinda regions, are now noticeably thicker. The modified Rotis font of the original lost its serif hooks on most of the new letters, the C was also changed to reflect the overall adjustments of dropping the ‘classic’ look.

The new logo was said to have been used as a secondary logo to the original and was used since October 2013. However, on January 1st, 2014, the old logo was officially retired and the new one used on the opening year theme “Masayang Muli ang Kwento Natin”.


The new logo can also be seen on the recently launch ABS-CBN Mobile (just all rounded) and the upcoming ABS-CBN Sports+Action channel which replaces Studio 23 starting January 18, 2014. Hopefully we can talk more about the sad demise of my once favorite station, Studio 23, on a future article.

Graphika Manila 2014

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Graphika Manila is happening on February 1, 2014 at the SM Convention Center from 10AM to 5PM. Speakers this year are Jessica Hische, Sara Blake, Devein, Ash Throp, Isabel Gatuslao and The Mill.

Ticket prices are:
₱1,750 (early bird till Dec. 20)  / ₱2,000 (regular)
₱1,550 (students early-bird till Dec. 20)  / ₱1,800 (regular)

ABS-CBN Mobile is getting ready to launch

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Last time we’ve heard about ABS-CBN Mobile was when they announced it last May 2013. There has been a ‘operational issues’ along the way that they decided to delay the planned October launch but ABS-CBN has said that it will roll out its mobile service before the year ends.

ABS-CBN has agreed to buy bandwidth from Globe Telecom in a sort of network-sharing partnership that will allow ABS-CBN to provide traditional voice, sms and data services under it’s own ABS-CBN Convergence unit.

The logo is a softer ABS-CBN. Instead of the sharp signal logo mark, we get a softer one probably since a mobile phone’s receiver is simpler that the networks huge transmitter in Mother Ignacia. Even the ABS-CBN brand typeface Rotis (Semi Serif) was softened on the corners for that next-gen youth-vibe.

I’m not sure how the branding will pan out giving that it’s still a similar logo with the TV network. In small sizes, it’s going to be probably indistinguishable but then again there is that “mobile” word below.

Come to think of it, If they chose to name theirs Star Mobile Cellular, being known as the star network forever, it would fit perfectly with Globe and Sun right?

New LBC Logo: From King to Mover

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Reader Nicolo Cervantes has spotted a likely LBC rebrand coming from Tangible Singapore. This is the same company that rebranded Insular Life and UCPB.

The new logo softens the sharp corners of the old one with curved type inside a ‘guitar pick’ or shield-like container. The iconic LBC red was retained but much of the original brand is now gone including the tagalog tagline “Hari ng Padala” which was changed to “We like to move it” (no, hopefully not this one)

The rebrand aims to become more customer focused by integrating its different businesses under one LBC brand (with the exception of LBC Money Express and Business Solutions)

Both verbal & visual identities were completely overhauled to reflect the new service centric brand promise of ‘ A friend who makes your day’. The smiling global logo has 3 sides to remind staff of their 3Cs (Brand Attributes & Services Principles) & the logotype of LBC remained iconic & red while a new tagline of ‘we like to move it’ reset the tone.

A major overhaul of the company’s website, logistic vehicles and parcel packagings are also on the way. I like the pipe/tubes graphic application on the vehicle wraps but feel that the one-color application of the same on parcel boxes looks a little bit busy for my taste.

You can read the complete brand rationale on Tangible’s website: LBC Philippines - Tangible Singapore.

What do you think of this LBC rebranding? Hit on the comments.