ABS-CBN Mobile is getting ready to launch

Posted: Saturday, November 23, 2013

Last time we’ve heard about ABS-CBN Mobile was when they announced it last May 2013. There has been a ‘operational issues’ along the way that they decided to delay the planned October launch but ABS-CBN has said that it will roll out its mobile service before the year ends.

ABS-CBN has agreed to buy bandwidth from Globe Telecom in a sort of network-sharing partnership that will allow ABS-CBN to provide traditional voice, sms and data services under it’s own ABS-CBN Convergence unit.

The logo is a softer ABS-CBN. Instead of the sharp signal logo mark, we get a softer one probably since a mobile phone’s receiver is simpler that the networks huge transmitter in Mother Ignacia. Even the ABS-CBN brand typeface Rotis (Semi Serif) was softened on the corners for that next-gen youth-vibe.

I’m not sure how the branding will pan out giving that it’s still a similar logo with the TV network. In small sizes, it’s going to be probably indistinguishable but then again there is that “mobile” word below.

Come to think of it, If they chose to name theirs Star Mobile Cellular, being known as the star network forever, it would fit perfectly with Globe and Sun right?

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