New Insular Life logo gets a life

Posted: Monday, February 1, 2010

The Philippine Eagle represents the only Filipino life insurance company among the top five industry leaders.

“Insular Life was established on November 25, 1910 at a time when the Philippines was flexing its wings as an independent country. Today, as the Philippines’ leading and largest Filipino life insurance company, Insular Life prides itself with its role in securing the lives of Filipinos families for close to a century.”

Insular Life Website

The old logo has been the brand icon of the company for years if I’m not mistaken. The IL logo worked for them over the years and have already created a recall among the people in the industry.

The only thing that needed improving was the consistency and application of the brand among the company’s other services. Eg. The blue color used differs from one publication to the other. The font also is not consistent. It just looked messy from a designer’s standpoint.

Actually the old Insular logo was fine and a simple tweak on the existing logo (ala Smart Telecom) would make it relevant again.

On their rebrand however, the logo now looks stronger, bolder and solid in itself. The typeface is contemporary but enough to be corporate. The colors and branding is now consistent throughout their products and services. The use of the Philippine eagle and its illustration was nicely done (though at a glance I can see a sad eagle, perhaps because it’s on the endangered list?)

Just to note that there is no mention from the company’s website regarding the rebranding and what this new logo meant and stood for but I’m pretty sure it’s a Philippine eagle right there.

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