ABS-CBN New Logo: Kapamilya Semi Sans

Posted: Friday, January 17, 2014

The last time ABS-CBN changed its logo was on the year 2000. It was the biggest change since the old boxed logo where ABS was on top and CBN was at the bottom.

This 2014, ABS-CBN has launched a slightly tweaked version of its iconic logo. The 3 rings, symbolizing TV’s RGB colors and the country’s LuzViMinda regions, are now noticeably thicker. The modified Rotis font of the original lost its serif hooks on most of the new letters, the C was also changed to reflect the overall adjustments of dropping the ‘classic’ look.

The new logo was said to have been used as a secondary logo to the original and was used since October 2013. However, on January 1st, 2014, the old logo was officially retired and the new one used on the opening year theme “Masayang Muli ang Kwento Natin”.


The new logo can also be seen on the recently launch ABS-CBN Mobile (just all rounded) and the upcoming ABS-CBN Sports+Action channel which replaces Studio 23 starting January 18, 2014. Hopefully we can talk more about the sad demise of my once favorite station, Studio 23, on a future article.

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