New IBC 13 logo: Ice Cold Action

Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

After TV5’s MediaQuest deal to air sports programs to Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC 13) in a block-time agreement, IBC 13 has launched a new logo and tagline (Where the Action Is!) to complement the more active program lineup of AKTV (AksyonTV). I guess it’s over for the era of local sitcom’s like Iskul Bukol, Goin Bananas and other hit local and foreign shows of the 90’s.

I remember when we used to watch government channels 13 and 9 (even then PTV 4’s Nickelodeon block) when we were kids. There were a variety of programs to choose from and sentai shows galore. Over time, IBC 13 degraded and lost its appeal over corporate networks even with its much lauded and awarded Pinoy Ang Dating station ID. This change in IBC-13 is a second try in block-timing agreement after the its partnership with Viva Entertainment’s Vintage Television fizzled out.

The new logo drops the old Bank Gothic typeface and toy building blocks and goes all-sporty with the new italicized typeface, in-motion oval and craftily spliced letter B slash number 13. Old colors were dropped in favor of and a cold, icy, all-blue glass appearance which makes me think that MVP is really one loyal alumni. Kidding aside, the elements and type still makes it a solid logo fit for its content.

I’m just not sure if any logo change is still relevant at this point for IBC 13 and RPN 9 as the government is planning on privatizing both anytime soon.

But as it stands right now, the new IBC 13 looks ready for game time.

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