The SM logo evolves

Posted: Monday, July 5, 2010

Shoemart or now known as SM is slowly applying their new logo on different marketing and online materials. The new (improved?) SM logo is definitely an evolutionary and not a revolutionary change for the company.

I find the original logo better in terms of the curves and varied thickness/stress on the letters. The new one just feels bland and lacks the funkiness of the original logo. The only thing worth noting is that the top weight on the new ‘S’ has more breathing space than the original.

The roll-out of this new logo is messy and not streamlined as what is to be expected from a huge company like SM. Some of their properties and sister companies still use the old one and different graphic installations use both the old and new one. The branding is also not consistent in terms of the secondary typography and use of a standard blue palette.

Being one of the ‘classic’ logos of our generation and one of the famous Philippine type and iconic logos, what do you think of the new SM logo?

Is it an improvement? Was the redesign even necessary? Is it even a logo problem? or more of a implementation problem?

Thanks to reader Nix Cervantes (nixenzo) for this hot tip! You’re on a roll!

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