QTV: Expanding and Reinventing

Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

QTV (Quality Television) or now only known as Q, is aiming to reinvent itself for a broader audience.

When QTV started it was branded as a network catering to women and moms whereas it’s direct VHF rival, Studio 23, was targeting mostly students and young people. The idea of marketing to women proved to be a good idea as bulk of advertisers had brands which caters more to women than men. Home care fabric detergents, personal skin care, baby care, shampoos, etc.

If you can remember Q was initially called Citynet 27 with Bro. Eddie Villanueva’s ZOE Broadcasting Network serving as their block-timer. But unlike its main UHF contender, QTV innovated and introduced ‘quality’ lifestyle programs and talkshows worthy even for cable viewing. It’s like watching Lifestyle Channel on SkyCable but for free. I’m an avid Studio 23 fan in its earlier days (pre-Wazzup Wazzup) but as their old potato mascot vanished so did my interest of watching the channel and their US serials which were always seasons late.

The new logo uses a Futura Book for the Q (not Century Gothic as you may have guessed) inside a circular TV5-looking orb. It is a nice upgrade of the previous logo, dropping the oblong shape enclosure and curvy tail on the Q. The new logo, albeit simple, looks refreshing, modern and stylish in itself.

As I see it, the logo and the program lineup change is a shift from the female-centric culture of the channel to a one connected to the general audience.

“Yan ang Buhay Q - kumpleto kasi lahat, may magugustuhan at mapupulot na kaalaman dito,"

- Lots Topacio, AVP and Creative Director for Q Channel 11's Creative Services Division.

I just hope that quality shows would not be confined under the UHF airwaves and would spill over to our leading mainstream TV networks.

Thanks to reader Pepeton Conde for the tip!

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