Letting the Crowd Design

Posted: Monday, May 24, 2010

DesignCrowd is a new crowd sourcing startup that aims to help graphic designers all over the world monetize their creations. The idea is similar to other crowd sourcing sites on the web but DesignCrowd has an interesting guarantee for the pitcher. Designers get paid as soon as they participate on an open project.

If you are searching for freelance projects, you can find it there too. If you have dealt with non-paying clients in the past (fortunately for me, I haven’t yet) another advantage is their escrow account which protects you, the designer. This is similar with other sites like RentaCoder where a 3rd-party mediates the payment between the client and the provider assuring that both abide to the agreement.

If you are a newbie designer, these crowd-sourcing websites can help spread your talent and jumpstart your career. Try joining in on different projects and pitching your work. Read the descriptions and try to follow the guidelines set by the client. But remember, express your creativity uniquely. don’t try to copy designs, create your own.

If you are a seasoned pro, these sites also solidifies your brand as a designer by broadening your client-base and portfolio. Showcase your previous work so clients can see your style and experience. They’re more likely to choose you if your past work is similar to what they need.

I like the idea of DesignCrowd simply because it respects our time and our effort as designers by rewarding our hard work and participation on every project, whether it gets picked or not. No work is wasted.



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