Islands Group: Conquering one island at a time

Posted: Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dynamic. Fun. Fresh.

Words that can describe the hip and chic look of Islands Group, makers of the famous Island Souvenirs. I own a couple of Island souvenir and like their shirts. The designs are creatively crafted and skillfully screenprinted (even those intricate details are clearly embossed), far from those shirts usually seen on local souvenir stores.

Islands Souvenirs was founded in 1992. It broke the traditional of small, cottage industry type retailers of souvenirs and carved out a new market niche for premium quality souvenirs creatively designed and showcased in vibrant shopping environments.

island-logoThe logos utilized Hoefler’s Gotham Font Family using the Gotham Rounded variant. The type gave the logo a less serious tone and conveyed an easy going and fun loving company. Gotham is implemented across almost all logos under the Island brand, in which Island Souvenir is the mother company.

17 years after Jay Aldeguer founded the company in Cebu at the age of 21, the Island Group is slowly conquering the whole archipelago and has already started expanding overseas armed with unique Filipino ingenuity and creativity.

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