Our logo for a toy collector community got ripped off

Posted: Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I rarely get any notices of logo ripoff’s on this site but when it’s a logo that we made for a for a local community of high-end collectibles, I think it deserves a feature somehow.

So I just have been notified that a certain Instagram account, Toy Spot Collector, has clearly been doing some ‘minor’ shifting to the original Hot Toys Philippines logo.


ToySpot aka ‘the ripper’ is also using the copied logo on the same theme and items as the original ones. Not that it wouldn’t also hurt to see the copied logo on say, a beverage one for example, but this is just a direct lifting and re-editing of a logo then using it as your own, for your own toy collectible community.

The logo clearly lifted the “Toys” portion in all its form and edited in the P and T along with the exact same letter O on their copy. I also find the detail on the merging P and T quite cunning since it lifted the curved cut on the red line just below the S on the original one.

This is really not a big brand logo and just a local fan community for a specific line of collections and collectors. I just want to bring this out in the open and address it officially hence we may look like the ones who did the copying down the line – plus, the fact that stealing is just plain wrong.

Their account photo uploads look quite good actually - but the logo, the one that is emblazoned on every Instagram photo and some of their shirts, is not originally theirs and just a ripoff of the original Hot Toys Philippines.


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