Noted: New Disney Channel Logo

Posted: Monday, April 14, 2014


The Disney Channel is changing its global logo to the one being used by Disney Germany.

We are in the middle of a Disney project right now and was notified about an impending rebrand, a simple Google search yielded the result and to confirm the global rebrand, I was just sent this final logo.

The rebrand is done by BDA Creative Munich. Description from their website notes:

After a pitch won in Summer 2013, BDA Creative Munich is happy to work as lead agency on the global rebranding of the famous Disney Channel.

Old renders had the standard letter I on the word Disney but subsequent changes and seemingly the final logo will include and bring back the famous Mickey Mouse ears. You can still see the old logo used in this promo video.

Check out this Youtube link to see the recent TV idents in action.

Seeing from the video identities, the new logo may not have a specific color scheme. It will be a flexible logo and will adapt to specific shows and existing brands which is quite similar to the applications of the old version.

I like it and prefer it over the older boxy logo. Laying it out together with Disney Junior and Disney XD now looks more consistent without sacrificing a smaller footprint for the ‘mother’ channel which is Disney Channel.

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