New HBC Logo: Heart Break Curves

Posted: Friday, September 20, 2013

HBC started as Hortaleza Beauty Center in its early days and quickly became one of the dominant one-stop shop for personal care items and beauty products in the country.

They grew so big that people are confusing them with HSBC, the international bank :)

We have reinvented the hbc logo, making it softer, cleaner, younger, and more vibrant. The new logo uses a stylized “B” and “heart” to represent the brand personality of “Beauty with a Heart,” a store that is caring, approachable and knows what the customer needs. – HBC

The old logo’s shopping-man icon was really a unique, standout mark for them. It obviously look dated and too clipart-y so I don’t blame them for changing it.

While the rationale of the heart B-like shape was to mean '”Beauty with Heart” the shape looks anything but that. It looks messy and unfinished with the odd-shaped curves, specially that sharp one at the bottom. I’m just basing this visually so pardon me if I’m being too critical. The typeface is not bad but it could have been refined a little more since the “c” seems isolated from the rest and the sharp C tail also looks like it’s going to burst the belly of the B-shaped heart.

I tried creating my own version of the heart container and retained the letter script inside since it looks more feminine (which is generally their target market), it also blends well with the overall curves of the new logo.


Thanks to Timothy Diokno for this tip!

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