New Manila Water Logo: Goodbye Wave, Hello Whirlpool

Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Manila Water just rebranded themselves a few months ago with a new logo and look. Keeping the green-blue color, the new logo in all respects, looks obviously better than the original.

The brand mark created by BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines initially reminded me of a certain water-themed resort somewhere down south, but upon checking it wasn’t even that close.

The whirlpool mark looks fine but I just wished they had created a more iconic symbol similar to Meralco’s M. It was a great opportunity for the creators to do a creative, stylized, hero logo (like an ‘MW’ mark) but what we got was a straightforward MANILA WATER in a round typeface instead


Manila Water also accompanies the logo with the tagline “Care in Every Drop”. Taglines like these aims to encapsulate the company’s mission statement in one very powerful phrase. It also provides the company an emotional connection with its customers.

You see these sort of taglines on big, faceless, conglomerate-run companies; Meralco’s “May Liwanag ang Bukas” or Maynilad’s “Dumadaloy ang Ginhawa” are just some examples. Apparently Ayala-led Manila Water wanted to differentiate itself and decided to have theirs in English. I personally think it works better in this case.


The graphics on the website look nice. It makes me wonder if by going with a hard typeface for the logo would also work. They must have settled with having a “clean” and ”friendly’ image more fitting than looking “fierce” and “stoic”.

Vehicle wrap application spotted online by reader James De Castro:


Karen S.M. Llana ( Note: All rights belong to respective owners


Reader Nix Cervantes also notes that the province of Laguna, a partner of Manila Water, uses a similar logo. He wonders “if they would apply it (or some sort of brand architecture) to their subsidiaries.“ I guess we’ll have to see the complete roll out this year. I’m a northern resident so I have to choice but to contend with Maynilad’s look.

What do you think about Manila Water’s new logo? Sound off at the comments below.


Special thanks to James De Castro for the heads up and Nix Cervantes for the follow-up tip.

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