New MediCard Logo: Just what the doctor ordered

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chances are some of you are already eligible for emergency assistance, hospital care and other medical services if you’re presently employed with a company that provides health care benefits to its employees, one of those companies is MediCard.

MediCard has been around for the past 25 years servicing multitudes of organizations in providing a comprehensive health care program for its members. They recently got a brand facelift c/o Isabel Gatuslao, a talented graphic designer focused on branding and identity.

Here’s the “official” published statement on the new logo.

To symbolize the rebirth after 25 years of being a pioneering HMO in the Philippines, MediCard unveils a refreshed corporate logo as part of a corporate strategy that stresses the company's brand promise of giving the best healthcare available.

Within this new logo is the universal symbol of healthcare, the cross. MediCard has kept the Rx and in fact multiplied it by 4 that rotate clockwise to form a single icon to convey the message to MediCard clients that they can avail of affordable medical services round the clock through its partner doctors and medical institution. The new logo also uses typefaces that make the brand look modern and refreshing.

With the blue color, MediCard reminds people of trust, reliability and calmness. Purple hue was added to represent peace of mind and fulfillment. MediCard has brought back its tagline, Prescribed by doctors, to stress the difference of MediCard being the only HMO run and founded by doctors.

On Isabel’s website, she shares her approach in doing the MediCard identity.

“I wanted to give them a symbol to differentiate them from all the other HMOs in the Philippines who only have logotypes for their identity.”

Upon searching, I believe MediCard didn’t have a proper logo form for their old one. It was always accompanied and enclosed in a card graphic along with the swooshed RX. The script tag line “Prescribed by Doctors” below adds a soft personal touch alongside the sharp-looking Gotham type and icon symbol.

This new logo is certainly a fresh change for MediCard. I hope they could propagate the new branding (color, type and all) smoothly as possible. Their website already has the updated logo but still has remnants of the old colors and styles. Well, in fairness, large corporations have a large base to cover on this scale so maybe a web redesign would be next.

Head over to to read more about the MediCard project.

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