Urban Design: Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit

Posted: Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amidst our country’s economic, political and social problems, there is one more thing that we are in dire need of help – our transportation and traffic system.

Other growing countries like China have already implemented methods in solving traffic and promote sustainable transportation using BRT or Bus Rapid Transit. It’s actually a normal bus route that acts like a light-rail transit. BRT essentially provides the convenience and efficiency of light-rail with the flexibility, and low-cost implementation of a road transit.

I also can’t help but notice the presence of trees and plants among metro installations like fences and pedestrian overpasses, which is not that much, but it adds freshness and ambiance to a somewhat concrete road jungle.

We need to focus on small details here in our country if we want to improve our transit and transportation system. May it be in implementing strict road rules, adopting modern tools like Smartcards that can be used almost anywhere, or simply fixing and making road and pedestrian signs beautiful and accessible.

One can only hope that it will happen sometime in the near future here in the Philippines.

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