New East West Bank Logo: Freshly Purple

Posted: Monday, August 15, 2011

Ever since 1DPH reader Nix Cervantes spotted and photographed the unusual East West logo on our Facebook page, it was not clear whether EastWest Bank have really ditched their old logo and already implemented to the new one since its almost nonexistent on most of their banks signage's (even their new branch being built near our street.)

With the bank’s 2010 Annual Report sporting the new branding, there is no doubt that this is indeed the new EastWest Bank logo seen on the booklet printing possibly being rolled out now. But why the branding fragmentation?

Besides the lower case brand name, the new logo also uses a softer typeface which seems to be a trend among corporate banks locally to be more friendlier, accessible and fresh (not your father’s bank) The type is Fontfont’s Max typeface created by Morten Olsen and inspired by Eurostile.

EastWest Bank on the old symbol:

The icon signifies dynamism and continuous movement. This represents our ceaseless effort towards excellence by continually improving our products and services.

The dual loop also means connectivity, which promotes a sharing of common goals and the drive to be successful in their achievement. At EastWest Bank, we build a community where every customer becomes our partner. Like a neighbor or a family member, customers are treated with the best kind of care they can receive.

Unfortunately this double-helix loop symbol will soon be replaced with a same continuous symbol in the form a spiraling diamond-shaped purple icon. I’m not sure if it’s a symbol for a flower or just an abstract shape but the gradients gives it depth and substance. It actually looks like a symbol for spa or wellness center rather than for a bank. It looks different, but hey it’s not UCPB-bad.

Update: 09/10/11

Rofizano Zaino (@rofizano) from Twitter retweeted this post and shared the idea behind the logo made by FutureBrand Singapore where he had worked.

The brand idea is "We make things better" "We" being not just the bank, but the bank & customers. The inspiration for the symbol was an image of a glow coming out of 2 cupping hands. Looking like arrows was a good coincidence.

The idea is when the 2 "chevrons" come together, a white diamond is created. So together, bank & customers make good things happen

Update: 10/27/11

Having an account on EastWest Bank, they sent me this snail mail explaining their new logo while thanking me for my continued patronage. How thoughtful of them :)

Our brandmark is created from two arrows, currently called chevrons, representing the East and west, fusing together to result in synergy. additionally, the movement signified by the arrows represents progress. The solid core of our logo, which is in the shape of a diamond, symbolizes the value that we create in the lives of our clients through our products and services. we chose green, purple and magenta as our new corporate colors primarily for their uniqueness in the banking industry as well as the enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking that these shades denote.

The tagline “Your Dream, Our Focus” simplifies the old and long version of the original which is “A PASSION FOR SERVICE. Simpler. Faster. Better.”

I’ll reserve the comment as soon as I see the brand application but from the looks of the logo, this looks much cleaner and more modern. We’ll find out more on this rebrand when they officially launch this (if they hadn’t yet)

Thanks to Nix Cervantes for this tip and source link!

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