QTV Channel 11 revamps to GMA News TV

Posted: Monday, February 21, 2011

GMA is set to launch GMA News TV -- its new news channel replacing QTV starting February 28, 2011.

The biggest news on Philippine TV has just arrived – industry leader GMA Network launches GMA News TV on Channel 11. Continuing the tradition of Serbisyong Totoo, GMA News TV will be the window for breaking news, important live coverage, never-before-seen reality formats, documentaries, and investigative programs for a mass audience.

Who would've thought that QTV was losing money, and big money at that, 200 to 300 million pesos from previous years. I honestly thought Studio 23 would die ahead but they did get the rights to air NBA and PBA, so they are now the country’s biggest free-TV sports channel.

Checking out their programming lineup shows more pre-recorded shows than live ones. They do have top of the hour news spots every hour but does news move that fast? I have been watching QTV’s Balingtanghali for some time and have noticed that most of their news is a repeat of the previous evening’s reports. It may end up looking like QTV again but with a different name and brand.

I was even surprised to see The Smiths. A reality show about the family of Pepe Smith ala The Osbournes.Well…I wouldn’t want to be updated with their family habits round the clock, I don’t know about you..

GMA NEWS TV pioneers in a reality format never before seen in the country. Following the day to day lives of fascinating and colorful personalities over a season, this reality show reveals how the famous really live. For season 1, take a peek into the life of the King of Pinoy Rock Pepe Smith as our cameras follow him and his unconventional kids 24 hours a day in The Smiths.

Even though their logo looks like Youtube’s, I can’t argue that GMA News and Public affairs promo videos are always clean and professionally done.

Not everyone is online and constantly being fed information by Twitter or Facebook so this is a bold step by GMA Network to offer a channel that is mainly focused on everything news to the Filipino audience. Good luck GNTV!



GMA News TV’s opening billboards.

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