Twisting La Viva Logo

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010

From the film outfit that brought us Bagets 1 & 2 and introduced us to the Philippine version of Beverly Hills 90210 now comes a new logo.

We all have probably watched Viva produced movies sometime in our lives. Not? Know Jimmy Santos then? (that’s what I thought) then you’ve at least encountered a Viva talent. Good enough since Viva has been in the film production industry since the 1980’s. Their businesses range from video rentals, film outfits, talent agencies and cable channels that we all must have have heard by now.

Graphic from

The new logo is definitely an improvement of the old. But I feel that I’ve already seen many iterations of the twist and technicolor approach somewhere. It nice to look at but the familiarity, well at least to me, makes it not that appealing. But hey, not everyone is a designer so who’s to blame.

One thing that is still unclear is whether this new logo would trickle down to the sister companies and how the name will be implemented. Nevertheless, this one fits the brand itself and can be justified on many levels.

  • The vertical twist spells a vague VIVA.

  • The different color spectrum symbolizes colored TV

  • The wave patterns is another good symbol for TV/radio airwaves or simply getting the message across

  • The different colors can be categorized into different business. Like Red for the the Film outfit. Yellow for Music and Concerts. Green for Television. Blue for Sports. Etc..

Could this rebrand mean that they are now ready and gearing full throttle to make a comeback and challenge film outfits and former partners Star Cinema, GMA and Regal Films? What do you think about the new Viva logo? and whatever happened to Wacks and Peachy?

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