TV5 ditches the TV (and the shake)

Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TV5 introduces a new logo along with its new owner, new (old) talents, new shows and new studios.

If they’re seriously going to clash against ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7, changing logos is a step in the right direction if I may say. Does TV5’s Red Orb stand a chance against the GMA’s Rainbow Heart and the ABS-CBN’s Three Signal Rings?

For those not in the loop. The group of Manny Pangilinan is now in-charge of TV5. The same group that fueled Smart Telecom and PLDT to the top is ready to pour in a reported P5 Billion into the ailing network for its goal to become one of the country’s largest TV network, if not the #1 network.

They have clearly invested on new technologies like cameras and state-of-the-art studios. The new Aksyon newscast utilizes a large multitouch display ala giant iPad. You can see Paolo Bediones interacting with that huge TV screen and Cheryl Cosim’s HP Touchsmart workstation below:

Okay..Enough of the tech-geek in me.

The new logo has its roots from the old one. The only difference would be the enclosure the logo is in. The old logo was inside a shaking TV while the new one is inside a simple shiny red orb. The word TV was clearly displayed on the old one, but on the new one, the glossy shine is stealing away all the attention.

How bland can a logo get? I mean other than the TV or the orb, didn’t they think or even consider any other creative concepts? At least Armenia’s TV5 station has some type ‘dynamics’ on their logo. The orb is not bad (see Windows Vista) but when a plainly composed text was just enclosed in a very common shape, what do you expect? They could have at least played around with the word TV or the number 5.

The rebranding also called for a new catchphrase for the station to call themselves. They are now known as Kapatid far from the defunct Ka-Shake (which absolutely made no sense at all!) to differentiate them from the Kapamilyas and the Kapusos. Do we really need another Ka-Ka tagline? Can’t they just call themselves TV5?!? Oh well. People eat it. Thats what matters.

If ABS-CBN’s logo looks professional and GMA 7 reminds me of an ice cream company, well TV5’s logo is dull and boring. They could’ve done better than that. But still, execution is the key, so maybe it’ll work out for them in the long run. Anyway, we do need more competition in the TV space, so goodluck TV5!

Additions: Adding TV5’s Station ID. I have to admit, the 3D TV5 logo looks ripe to eat!

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