Xend Express has a new logo (again)

Posted: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Xend Express has made its mark on the growth of Pinoy online shopping and shipping experience.

If you are an online seller or buyer chances are you’ve already dealed with Xend Express. Their clients are mostly eBay or Multiply sellers who prefer their hassle-free pick-up services and low-cost rates. Even large companies like ABS-CBN and myAyala use their services for their own online stores.

They have also recently set-up myXend which is a dedicated online account where clients can book pickups, print labels and receipts, automate tracking notifications and update their Xend Delivery Widget (for seller’s credibility)

The new logo is their 3rd redesign since starting operations in 2006 (if I’m not mistaken) That’s 3 logos in 4 years. It’s not actually a very bad thing but from a business perspective it might be hard to implement a new rebranding every year. Imagine printing a new set of “manong” courier’s uniform tags, papers labels, plastic markings, etc.. every year.

My proof is a yet-to-be-used waybill still bearing the old logo. Their very first logo (on top) and we ship regularly at that. What I’m trying to say is that they change logos faster than we ship items or at least until we can use up all the original waybills. The tendency is that even after they have rebranded and introduced this 3rd logo, many marketing collaterals bearing the 2nd logo will still be in circulation. That would be a problem as customers will have a hard time distinguishing and recalling the brand. Isang kumpanya lang ba to? Eh bakit iba yung logo?

Notice also that the logo is getting curvier and rounder every year. Perhaps it’s just the web 2.0 effect there, I don’t know. I still find the original fitting. The 3rd is also not bad when you consider the implementation. Just too techy-looking for my taste I guess.

What logo re-design do you like among the 3?

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