ETC logo: From Fat to Thin, Box to Boxes

Posted: Friday, January 22, 2010


There are some nice creations on Solar Channel’s ETC, but is their new logo one of them?

An entertainment channel that highlights popular reality programs, entertaining talk shows, and a variety of must-see programs such as The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model, The Daily 10, E! News, and much, much more!

Solar Entertainment Corporation is known for their cable channels (like Solar Sports, Jack TV, 2nd Avenue) as well as their other ventures like the Free-TV Solar Channel 9, SBN, RJTV and coverage of Pacquiao fights. In other words, they are a big company. They may not be as big as ABS-CBN or GMA7, but they’re big enough to own more than 5 large local cable channels and to be the local distributor of Universal Pictures.


We now look at the ETC – Entertainment Central Channel logo. The new one seems to be an improvement of the old one in terms of color, type and branding.

The new thin font is a departure from the block and bold font of the old logo. The new font is actually better as it’s more showbiz-y and contemporary compared to the old, fat, kiddie-looking font. The new font matches their program lineup, which mostly are fashion oriented and talk show driven formats like E! News, Inside Edition, TMZ and Tyra Banks Show. The type choice is just right.

The logo colors on the other hand retained the orange hue but they changed the green block to blue. It seemed like a strategic change to distinguish ETC from 2nd Avenue, which as of now, has green and black as its color brand.

So far, everything is looking good – except those 4 colored boxes. I don’t get their role on the logo. Taking them away won’t affect the presentation of the logo in any way. Besides they could have positioned the box more creatively or avoided using boxes at all for the colors. that’s 8 boxes right there in 4 colors! 

Heading over to ETC’s website and watching their promo plug may give us an explanation for the 4 colored squares. But I still don’t see their relevance.

According to the video:
Pink is for Flaunt / Fashion / Runway / Style
Blue is for Thrill / Parties / Dating / Relationships
Orange is for Celebrities / Dazzle, Hollywood
Yellow is for Beauty / Glow / Radiance
Violet is for Dare / Youth Issues

That is 5 colors right there. Anybody know where the Violet came from?

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