Building a Design School for Filipino Artists Living in Poverty

Posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An ambitious goal to start a nonprofit design school in the Philippines for young adults who can't afford college. Support and spread the word.

Ferdinand Center for the Creative is a nonprofit center opening up soon in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. Our aim is to provide the finest graphic design education for young adults who can’t afford quality art education.

FCC already started a project at to fund this design school. They have 90 days left for people to pledge in and reach their target of $50,000 (roughly 2.5 million pesos). They already have a lot in Camarin, Caloocan City and blueprint of the school. All they need is the money to actually build it. If they can’t reach $50,000 on March 13, 2010, they won’t get anything and those who pledged won’t be charged.

This is a cause worth supporting. For more information visit

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