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One Design PH (1dph) chronicles the use of graphic design in advertising, branding and marketing in the Philippines.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and sharing your thoughts on the topics presented here. Feel free to drop me a message at the contact page. Have a nice day!

About the Blog

1dphavatar 1DPH features note-worthy designs from web, television, print and new media creations made by or to a Philippine brand, product or service. Design trends on typography, logos, collaterals and other interesting facets on local and international design scenes are also included in the mix.

I’ll also share some of my own completed projects from time to time.

About the Author

roman-avatarRom is an brand + web designer working for a USA-based media agency. He also part-times as a web instructor at a top design college somewhere in Taft Ave / Vito Cruz Manila. 

He likes new shiny toys to play and his arsenal of gadgets includes androids, tablets and couple of istuff on the side. If you’re into that sort of thing too, check out techolo.com.

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On sponsored contents and advertisements. Why?

This blog will from time-to-time feature sponsored articles and links from third-party writers and websites. These write-ups are being checked so that it doesn’t deviate too much from the topic and theme of the whole blog. 

While I don’t operate this blog solely for monetary gain (never will), a little bit of sponsored content will help me maintain and run this site and carry some of the expense currently coming from my own pocket. This won’t be a regular thing. Usually it will be just a short article or a link at the side. Again, thanks for understanding and read on! :)